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Important Information Regarding Your Mount!

Game Mounts

Please call us for skinning information to provide you with quality work.  Bring in as much of the mount's skin with the head as you can.  DO NOT CUT THE NECK!  If possible, please bring in the game within 48 hours of killing.  Keep as cool as possible.  Do not salt cape or hides!  Take pictures of your trophy so we can enhance the original look to keep your memory alive.  Try to give us different angles of the animal.

Fish, Birds and Small Animals

Please do not skin these mounts.  Handle with care and freeze if needed to keep fresh for taxidermy.  Call for proper handling tips.  Close-up photos of fish are extremely helpful.  Handle fish carefully to protect scales.

Skinnning Animals For Mounting

Shoulder Mounts

DO NOT CUT THE THROAT!  Make first cut down the back of the neck as shown in the diagram to the below. 

Shoulder mount skins should be cut off well behind the forelegs.  DO NOT LET SKIN AIR DRY!  Put head and skin in ventilated cloth bag (do not use a plastic bag).  Freeze or keep as cool as possible.  DO NOT SALT SKIN!


Rug and Large Life-size Mounts

Make first cut, approximately 4" from tip of chin for rug mount or 12" from tip of chin for life-size mount, down body length to the end of the tail. 

Second cut starts at the inside of feet and proceeds down the inside of legs to meet first cut down body length.  Skin animal, leaving the head and feet in skin.  Take final care of the skin as in the Shoulder Mount instructions. Do not use salt. Salt is used in the tanning process only.

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